About Me

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping, this is Eric Crouse and I am going to introduce you the exciting world of AirsoftPaintballNerf BlastersLaser tags and Crossbows! Why these items you ask? Well, because I love all of those and they are comparatively safer options than some other types of guns out there. 😀 It would not be a heavy hazard to think that you are here for some great advice on some new exciting gun related sports that would make your life a little less monotonous. 

I grew up in a large family, full of mischievous cousins and we got bored easily. To keep ourselves busy, we had many mock gun fights which later transformed into full-fledged mock wars when we got Nerf Blasters, Laser tags and crossbows. We did eventually grow up but still didn’t leave those behind but got caught up in a new obsession- Paintball and Airsoft. Thanks to my large family, paintball is our favourite sport in every family get together. It has almost become a tradition in the recent years and somehow brings us even more closer.

Airsoft guns and rifles are a secret between me and my cousins (I hope my parents and relatives don’t come here!) because my parents, uncles and aunts still doubt its safety. If you too are thinking like them, let me assure you that airsoft guns are absolutely safe IF used correctly. There is a set no. of rules to be followed before you use them. Remember – with great power, comes great responsibility as quoted by Spiderman? The same logic applies with Airsoft. As you follow this blog, you will get acquainted with everything necessary in no time at all!

I have tried to include everything which will make you journey into Airsoft, Paintball and Toy guns as easy as possible. If you are looking for the perfect toy blaster for your child or if you are thinking of having a paintball first time—look no further, because I am here to solve all your doubts. Please leave down all your suggestions and questions (if any) in the comments below. Even if you have nothing to say, do drop a Hi!