Empire Paintball Axe Marker Review

Paintball is a cut-throat sport and is speedily emerging as a ubiquitous recreation. The sport was flourished in the 1980’s and is now executed in India, Bangladesh, Canada, Thailand & United Arab Emirates. In Paintballs, the partaking players are required to annihilate their brawny antagonists with dynamic paintball markers. Paintball markers are one of the significant apparatuses and are mass produced by one of the illustrious companies called Empire Paintballs.

Empire is an emblem of G.I Sports Paintball and renders all the prudent adornments at an unbelievably affordable price. Their Axe Marker is undoubtedly a standout product in the international market and provides a high precision mechanism. It is homogenous to other cardinal markers like the FX, Geo, Reflex, Ego & Etek. It will dodge your avenue through the break neck competition and is known to be a paramount tournament creator. Thus, break off from the shackles of your monotonous routine and indulge in this niche yet unwinding sport to bask in some amazing rejuvenation.


  • Light Weighted Aluminum barrel.
  • Outlandish Push Button Bolt Removal System.
  • Improved Relay Regulator/ ASA with ON/ OFF Lever.
  • Elongated Grip Frame and New Grip.
  • Multiple Adjustable Firing Modes (Semi Automatic, PSP Ramping, NXL & Millennium Ramping).
  • Break Beam Anti – Chop Eyes.
  • No External or, Internal Hoses.
  • Low Velocity Firing.
  • Custom Slip Stream Solenoid.
  • Resistant To Water & Extreme Weather Conditions.
  • Compact Screw Sizes.
  • Product Dimension : 10.7 * 10.6* 4.1 Inches.
  • Mandatory Requirement of 19 V Batteries.
  • Attached Rampage Board.
  • Sleek Design.
  • Absolutely Noise-free.
  • Redline OLED with Enhanced Support.
  • Attached Handy Tool Box.

Construction and design

Empire Paintball’s Axe is a feathery light marker and is constructed out of the paramount quality of the all-aluminum body. It swears by a ponderous grip and validates the player to shoot commodiously for prolonged hours. The gun also consists of multiple firing techniques and can sustain adverse weather conditions without hampering its function ability.

Pros and Performance Accuracy

  • If you are looking for reliability then Empire Paintball’s Axe marker will deliver you the same. The robust axe can undergo loads of breakdowns and still continue to maintain authentic function ability.
  • It is toweringly imperishable and will last for many years if undertaken proper maintenance.
  • The Empire’s Marker has multifarious adjustable coherent methods. This has four distinct positions. Also, has micro switch activation tip.
  • It also clangs off shots in unwrinkled progression without any unwanted delays.
  • Easy to perpetuate cleanliness as the push button removal feature legalizes you to undertake meteoric cleaning. It also incredibly curtails down on the maintenance time.
  • The Empire Paintball’s Marker comes with a 30 days warranty assurance. As most of the midges pop up during this initial period, one need not worry about their treasured purchase.
  • Empire’s Paintball Axe Marker utilizes fewer amounts of paints than other contemporary markers.
  • It has fire decider switch and thus provides more competence to revamp your perfection at the battlefield.
  • Several ameliorations are available for this marker.
  • It is for both experts and beginners.

Tips for Handling

  • At times, the impediments are seen in the customary appliance of the marker but however, swabbing and adjusting the trigger can turn out to be a wise solution.
  • ASA is nonadjustable and thus, you got to be more cautious.
  • The fringes around the anterior side are not up to the mark. Therefore, this can result in a dreadful loss of balance in the middle of a rival match.
  • Screws at times pop up in the trigger guard and can cause negligible wounds if not satisfactorily grasped with gloves.
  • Look after the O-Rings in order to pump up its resilience and function ability.

Can it Meet your Expectations?

Empire Paintball’s Axe Marker is a dream come true and is one of the best markers in the market. This big bad dude is also bound to astonish you and will assist you in vanquishing every single game. Go live your combat dream and procure this implausible aura to defeat your opposition like an indomitable warrior.

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