Planet Eclipse ETEK5 Paintball Marker Gun – ETEK 5 Review

Finding a good mid-range paintball marker is always confusing with so many options available in the market. The Planet Eclipse ETEK5 marker gives the right balance between features and price and offers several class leading features that make this marker one of the best mid-range paintball marker available in the market.

The ETEK product lineup from Planet Eclipse has never failed the expectations of the users out there and the fifth-generation marker is just a class apart from all other mid-range markers. The ETEK5 borrows a lot of class leading features from the top end markers in the market and sports a classic, efficient and ergonomic design. The ETEK5 is based upon the generic architecture of the exceptional EGO LV1 to deliver consistent and powerful performance on the go. The grips and handling are just excellent and impart a classy look and feel to the marker. They ensure complete control over the marker irrespective of the playing conditions. It is fast, accurate and is perfect for shooting still or for run and gun scenarios. These features collectively make this marker a great choice indeed.


  • Weighs a meagre 2 pounds, thus providing the much-needed mobility in the fields.
  • LPR pressure of 85psi.
  • Inline pressure of 150psi.
  • The foregrip is made up of dual density material for better grip and control over the marker.
  • It has Infra-red sensors for detection in the dark.
  • It has a 16-bit microprocessor that can compute up to 16 million instructions per second.
  • There are two firing modes namely the Semi auto mode and the ramping mode.
  • It has a graphical OLED display for better readability in all kinds of environment.

Construction and Design

The ETEK5 has borrowed a good part of its construction and design from the top end markers like EGO LV1. The barrel is 14.5 inches long and does a good job in firing accurate shots. The caliber is the standard 0.68 caliber for the paintball. The overall look and feel of this marker is really premium and high-quality due to its design and the superior build. It comes with a 16-bit microprocessor and a graphical OLED Display in addition to the Infra-red sensor and many more features carried over from the previous designs.

Pros and Performance accuracy

  • The ETEK5 is an exceptional performer when to comes to firing accurate shots in any situation. It features the new Zick3 technology that has a 2-stage acceleration mechanism. The initial acceleration is slow but increases in the 2nd stage. This ensures that the marker is easy on the paint and has a good fire rate with minimum recoil.
  • The new ETEK5 now needs much lesser pressure system to operate that the other markers in the market. The HPR and LPR pressure of 150psi and 85psi ensure that the shots remain quieter and smoother on the field while the marker is gentle on the paint.
  • The grips of this marker perform exceptionally well in the field due to the superior dual density material they are made up of. They impart much better stabilitygrip and control to the marker in all conditions.

Apart from these pros, the marker features a lot more things that you may want to try out and discover by reading more about it and using it regularly.

Tips for safe handling

  • Cleaning this marker regularly is a good practice and it will definitely increase the durability and efficiency of this marker by a significant amount. A barrel swab may come handy to easily clean this marker and it its unique design makes it really easy to maintain this marker.
  • The marker shoots paintball at a high velocity and so wearing some protective gear is strongly recommended to avoid any ugly situations or accidents.
  • It is very important to read and understand the user manual carefully so that there aren’t any problems while removing the parts and the knowledge comes in handy when any problems persist within the marker.

Can it meet your expectations?

It is hands down, the best paintball marker at this price point available in the market. It is fast, durable, accurate and quiet. This bad boy delivers powerful performance packed in a smooth and compact design. Planet Eclipse has been known to make durable and outstanding products and the ETEK5 is one such product in the lineup that is the class leading marker in the middle range. It has all the features that a top end marker boasts of and has an efficient and effective design. It is extremely durable and still works just fine even after shooting 20,000 paintballs. The cleaning mechanism and maintenance is also really convenient. Is there anything you can complain about? Go get yourself one of these markers today and start dominating the field!