Coxeer M01 Army Skull Skeleton Airsoft Paintball Bb Gun game Face Mask Review

Coxeer MO1 Army Skull Skeleton Airsoft Paintball Bb Gun Game Face Mask is designed to protect the players while playing paintball. Being environment friendly, it is admired by its users a lot.


  • Can be used for all war games.
  • Has space left for spectacles made up of plastic.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Multi-purpose use.
  • Has an Affordable price.
  • Is long lasting.
  • Has straps to adjust.
  • Perfect fitting.
  • Weighs 8 ounces.


This paintball face mask is designed as a skeleton ‘skull mask’ to give it a spooky look. The material is plastic and shield near eye holes are of metal to make it stronger. It comes in different colors although the black one is always preferred. It fits well into all face sizes and is quite comfortable in wearing it for long time.

Pros and performance accuracy

  • The plastic which is used in the skull face mask gives it a realistic look and the texture of the mask too feels quite real when touched.
  • It works as a warrior’s armor and protects us from the paint balls from striking our face.
  • Being environment friendly mask, adults prefer this over any other mask. It doesn’t have any kind of smell and is poison free.

Tips to handle the skull mask

Casual use of this mask may ruin it for further uses. Handling the mask well is an important factor in keeping the mask for a longer duration. Hence store it in a safe place.

Will this product meet our expectation?

This deadly looking skull mask with its amazing features is definitely a win-win. Having its multi-purpose use, this is in high demand these days. This face mask has its unique qualities and is admired for its look and its comfortable features.

Hence do not let go this opportunity and get hold of this face mask soon with this amazing price.

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