Nerf N-Strike Elite DualStrike Blaster Review

‘Dart to the heart’

Life can be so playful – in one version a fascinating dance where one moves challengingly and the other retreats teasingly only to dart ahead later and whalloping a striking blow. The other version may present itself as a game of darts to aim and hit one and only one target – ‘the bull’s eye’. Different versions, different meanings, different challenges and different scope – but all full of excitement and fun!

The Nerf N-Strike Elite DualStrike Blaster is an impactful gun to fire darts, boosting competition by not just firing one but two types of darts – Mega and Elite Darts!


  • The product dimensions are 2.3 x 7.3 x 15.3 inches.
  • The item weight measures around 1.2 pounds.
  • The recommended age is around 8 years.
  • The stock ammunition type is: Elite Darts and Mega Darts.
  • The product was first released in the spring of 2016 in Brazil.
  • The stock capacity of firing is 3 Elite Darts and 3 Mega Darts.
  • The priming mechanism is slide action.
  • The mode of fire is by single-fire.


  • The same plunger system is used to fire both types of darts: Elite and Mega Darts. The blaster has a switch on the right-hand side of it which permits the switching between the two types of darts to be fired, depending upon the strategy and conditions provided.
  • For reloading and firing, 3 Elite darts are inserted into the orange coloured barrel and the red coloured barrel incorporates another 3 Mega darts. Flipping the switch allows to fire desired dart.
  • The priming rood is pulled back for priming the blaster and the trigger is pulled for firing the desired dart to aim the target.
  • It becomes important to know about the Elite and Mega darts as well – the advantages each one of them can provide as enlisted below-
  • ELITE DART: It is the type of Nerf Dart, lighter in weight than the Streaming Dart and shooting at a range farther with more accuracy than Streamline Dart. They have Suction Dart as its variant and comes in varied colours. So far – ‘A’, ‘W’, ‘T’, ‘J’, ‘K’ and ‘Y’ are the letters they come in form of.
  • MEGA DART: It is also a type of Nerf Dart whistling past in the air. At an angling position as well, they can reach up to the maximum range accurately.


  • The current market scenario is not just about the durability and strength but the looks, varieties and attire as well. More the options provided, more lucrative they appear to be brought. Hence, the gun is no longer far back in the competition.
  • The barrels of each kind are different in terms of colour and foundation as well. The layout is varied for them. The witty ones are those who have capability to incorporate admirable qualities from all into one.
  • The dart gun shows this intelligent admirability by laying out the orange coloured Elite Dart barrel’s as the Triad EX-3’s muzzle and the red coloured Mega Dart barrel’s similar to N-Strike’s Megaline, the Mega Thunderbow. Both are vertically aligned. Single tactical rail is present in the dart gun. From both Elite and Mega dart barrels combined, only one dart at a time is fired which is allowed by an air restrictor system.

Maintenance requirements

It is damn easy to maintain it just by following manual closely. Once in practice, you would deal with it quite easily.

Dart game is adorable and therefore from teens to aged, it is a favourite game loved by all. To some, it is more than a game – an experience to experience pleasure!

Go Aiming! Go Darting!

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