Sly Profit LE Goggles Review

If you have ever been worried about losing your clarity of vision in a heated game of paintball, then Sly Profit LE Goggles are the perfect solution to your worries. Wear this super comfortable mask and enter the battle field with confidence and precision. The Sly Profit LE Goggles offers you a beautiful fit so that you are never bothered by any feeling of discomfort while immersed in your play.

The thermal gradient lens makes your vision as clear as an eagle’s, and gives you the chance to be always on alert for dangers along with being highly accurate with your aim. The soft padding and cushioning of the mask feels absolutely heavenly on your skin and face, offering it comfort as well as protection. The Sly Profit LE Goggles will enhance your performance on the field by making it more accurate and confident. Make the most of your paintball time by investing in this mask for hours of comfort and accurate game play.


  • Thermal gradient lens for optical clarity and resolution.
  • A comfortable fit to direct all attention to the game.
  • Double straps plus a chin strap to help secure the mask fully and tightly.
  • Cushioning on the ears to give protection to your ears for when the fast flying paintballs shoot past them or even if you get hit.
  • The glass is tinted, other players cannot see your eyes.
  • The light weight design makes you feel as if you are not even wearing a mask.
  • The straps ensure that the mask can fit any sized head, ranging from children to full grown adults.

Construction and Design

The mask has come to the market after years of quality testing and has passed all tests with flying colours. The secure straps help buckle down the mask to your face to prevent any slippage. The thermal gradient lens, is designed to be superior quality. One may no longer worry about fog build up on the lens that can interfere with your performance. Any fog that comes on the lens is immediately evaporated through the thermal lens. The stylish colour and design of the mask also add a charm to your game play. The mask is well suited for playing paintball with the utmost precision and comfort.

Pros and Performance Accuracy

  • The mask can fit spectacles quite easily due to their comfortable design.
  • The thermal gradient lens works very well during heated game play. It works well even for people who sweat quite profusely.
  • The mask keeps much of the face and your eyes protected at all times.
  • The fitting of the mask is extremely comfortable with the soft padding making it comfortable to wear even for long durations.

Can It Meet Your Expectations?

Sly Profit LE Goggles, with a stylish body and bright colours, can definitely tick all the boxes in your criteria for the ultimate Paintball mask. Its thermal gradient lens works miraculously to act as anti-fog components to the mask. The double straps that even cover the chin help secure the mask quite tight and in place so that one can enjoy the game without any concern over slippage. A game of paintball requires one to have excellent aim, and the Sly Profit LE Goggles help you achieve just that. All time clear vision gives you an advantage over the opponents so that you are always a step ahead. One expects clarity of vision, comfort and protection from a mask – and this product delivers in all these criteria. It makes your game enjoyable and even helps you emerge victoriously.

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