Boys Star Wars Birthday Party Set with StormTrooper Backpack Plus Boys Toys Laser Tag Blasters – 2 Pack Review

I hope you must have seen Star Wars movie at some point of time or other in this life of yours. What is the most astonishing thing about the movie? Still thinking? Well, you don’t need to think that far, the answer lies very close to you. Yes you, the most important things are the fans like you which have made the movie a great success.

What they do is they turn these characters into their idols in real life, and look to do all the things like the star has done in the movie. In other words, they try to depict the actions of reel life of the actors in their real life.

In order to utilize the craze of these supporters and turning it into big time money, companies have come with computer and mobile games which are not only addictive but also give the best chance to these fans to come closest to their superheroes. However, there is this absolute revelation in the form of real life gaming that I am going to tell you which makes you your favorite character just in minutes. No, it’s not magic but it is like magic. The Boys Star Wars Birthday Party Set with StormTrooper Backpack plus Boys Toys Laser Tag Blasters – 2 Pack will give you an opportunity to become like those super heroes and get engaged in a real fight unlike the virtual fight in the games. Here, everything is in your hands and all you need to win is to be superior.


  • Boys Star Wars Birthday Party Set with StormTrooper Backpack Plus Boys Toys Laser Tag Blasters – 2 Pack is a collection of guns and game modes which can be enjoyed in a team battle as well as 1 vs 1.
  • 2 laser tag guns are included in the package
  • 4 completely unique team settings are available
  • Includes eight character masks
  • Includes Star Wars backpack for easy carrying and storage
  • Laser Range close to 120 feet
  • Four separate blasters available
  • Emits less than 1mW power output, deeming it safe for child use

Construction and Design

The construction and designing of the Star Wars Laser Tag guns is much superior to all other products available in the market. Though the product looks like a normal laser tag gun, the availability of health bar, capability to become four kinds of weapon and the in-built speakers providing it great sound effect make it superior to all other products available in the market. So, all in all, the coloring, look, design and construction of the guns and masks have been done superbly making it great product to have.

Pros and Performance Accuracy

  • You can increase the number of guns to increase the number of players and make it a much interesting battle.
  • There are four team settings which can be used for various kinds of plays like multiplayer battles as well as 1 vs 1.
  • The range of close to 120 feet is simply mind boggling, making it a good product to use for indoor as well as outdoor battles.

Tips for Safe Handling

  • The guns have to be assembled in a proper manner before start of the battle. Make sure that all the parts are in place perfectly by testing it once.
  • The batteries should be taken out if the guns are not to be used for a long period of time. Keeping the batteries without using them for a long interval of time does unnecessary damage to the product.
  • Make sure the batteries are well charged and are put properly in place before the beginning of the games.
  • Try to keep the guns at a cold place away from high temperature.

Can it meet your expectations?

The design, construction, quality, entertainment value and the price of the product – all suggest just a single answer. The answer is that product is going to exceed your expectations, forget just keeping in line with them.

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