Laser X 88016 Two Player Laser Gaming Set Review

Who doesn’t like a good game of laser tag where you go shooting at each other while running around every nook and corner? The Laser X 88016 is the right set to buy for age groups of any kind to have fun with the traditional game of laser tag while experiencing a lot more features that comes with this gaming set.

The 88016 guarantees the perfect user experience and is a lot of fun to play around with. It is a marvelous way of making sure that kids stay outdoors and run around rather than sit at one place and be lethargic.


  • One single set contains accessories for two players only.
  • The total weight of the arriving package is around 2 pounds.
  • It has got a vest which is used to receive the hit from the opposing player.
  • The vest is pretty elastic and can fit people of different statures and sizes ranging from people weighing 65 lbs to people around 200 lbs.
  • continuous beep makes it harder to stealth around and makes the game of laser tag even harder to win.
  • The gun has got to be reloaded after a certain amount of time.
  • Once a player is killed the whole unit is switched off and has to be turned back on again for the player to enter the game.
  • The power source for the guns are six AAA batteries which last a couple of weeks before having to change them.
  • There are eight lives and ten shots available for each player.

Construction and Design

The material used in the construction of the blasters and vests are high grade ABS plastic which do not wear down even if used roughly by small kids. A firmer grip is provided with the shorter end pointing forward and the longer end pointing towards the body. An ergonomic design which makes it easy to handle, the speakers for the voice coach and the various lightings add to the appeal of the game. There is also a headphone jack to listen to the optional music when required.

Pros and Performance Accuracy

  • Throughout the game, there is a voice coach who guides you by giving tips required to maneuver the game in the right direction. By using headphones, the interactive coach as well as the custom built sound effects can be heard which add to the sportiveness of the game.
  • Since it is compatible with all other Laser X models, it can be played in a group of more than two which adds to the overall user experience.
  • Keeping track of the shots fired and the hits received can be done by the system of lighting.
  • The beeping and the sounds can be heard externally even when the headphones are connected.
  • A total range of up to 200 feet is covered by this gaming set.
  • There are various options for the players which include being part of a red team or blue team. In addition the player can go rogue and play as a single entity.
  • To keep it clean it just has to be wiped with a dry cloth.
  • The blasters are available in two colors: grey and white with red streaks along the side.
  • The vest which picks up the hits can be strapped quite easily and is connected to the blaster by a connecting cable.
  • The color of the vest keeps changing as the player gets hit.

Tips for Better Handling

  • Turn on one of the various zoo animal sounds like that of the bird, lion or rooster. A speaker icon is used to indicate the turning on of the sounds.
  • Keep a lookout on the blast level indicator to find out how much time is left for reloading.
  • The batteries go into the blaster within a small compartment. This has to be opened and closed by using screwdrivers for the screws which hold it together.
  • The instructions are quite specific and make it easy to configure the blaster.
  • Loading the blaster is done by holding the trigger for about two seconds. Then shake the blaster up and down.
  • Make sure that the receiver on the vest is not covered for shots to be registered properly.

Can it meet your expectations?

This laser tag set is nothing less than a real-time gamer’s dream. The lights, sounds, and features in the assembly make it an attractive toy. You can either treat yourself or give as gifts to others. The essence of the game is amplified in the presence of this gaming set. Also, people of all ages can enjoy the game due to its easy and accessible features.

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