Virtue VIO Contour Thermal Paintball Goggles Review

Imagine yourself decked up in a military like a secured costume, playing hide and seek in a raging battle field, ready to fire away at your opponents equipped along with an amazing gun that shoots – paint balls. To shoot paint balls and survive in an enraged battlefield where paint balls are flying zip and zoom, you must be sheltered in a fool proof way from head to toe to escape the banter. The Virtue VIO Contour Thermal Paintball Goggles, promising to be the leader in paintball masks, is every paint ball fan’s dream come true. It comes with a super amazing Goggle system along with a plastic stand to place it and show it off to your friends. Available in eye catching colors from throughout the spectrum band like Black Amethyst, White Emerald, L E Damage Black, etc. It stands to provide custom care for the finicky.

It offers better than ever protection of the face and the sensitive parts like ears, chin eyes. One striking feature is the ventilation available in the mask which is a huge bonus over other masks. Thanks to the easy breathability features, you do not have to feel suffocated every time you enjoy a paintball match. The VIO Contour is essentially the best in its series up until now surpassing all features of the VIO Ascend, VIO XS and VIO Extend.


  • The model number for the Vio Contour Thermal Paintball Goggle System is ASIN B00MU1AWLY.
  • It weighs nearly 3 pounds thus making the mask extremely light weight and easy to use.
  • The thermal pane lens and anti fog coatings on the mask lens ensure cent percent viewability with no hassles at all. They are anti fog thermal pane glasses with heavy duty impact resistant lens technology which keep your eyes safe from all the paintball damage as well as provides UV protection. All this clubbed, these lenses make sure you have the easiest and the grandest view of your battlefield.
  • Thankfully, the enhanced goggle strap is also removable here, thus allowing you to take this mask along for paintball competitions that prohibit mask straps.
  • The ear pad foam that is used in the making of the mask is soft and 3D thus ensuring impeccably comfortable wear.
  • The venting system in this mask, that allows for maximum breathability throughout the mask.
  • A Chromatic Lens is included along with the whole package.
  • The frame and the facemask are both customizable according to the user’s convenience and pleasure.
  • Multiple sizing options is also made available here.
  • The foam used is easily replaceable too thus preventing future hassles.

Construction and Design

The mask has been designed in a way to become the favorite masks for all paint ball players. It is extremely light weight at 3 pounds. The front of the mask has the super duper soft flexible yet stiff face skirt. The sides have been given soft foam ears. The chromatic glass lens is clear and anti fog enabling panoramic view. A small pop button at the base of the ear flap helps keep the mask in place. Innovative safety feature that notifies you when you release the lens system.

Pros and Performance Accuracy

  • It comes along with two goggle bags – one for the lens and the other one for the goggle itself thus ensuring the longevity of your lenses and safety against scratches, fingerprints etc.
  • A new release mechanism has been included inside the VIO Contour keeping in view the safety concerns. This is a remarkable feature that has never been used in the industry before. An unlocked notification feature, that lets you know exactly when the mechanism is not properly engaged. When you open the lens hatch, there is a small red indicator that says unlocked. Amazingly ahead of its time, isn’t it?
  • The ear pieces are foldable and foam soft thus easy to maintain.
  • The face mask is easily separable from the goggles.
  • There are different kinds of polymers used in the facemask that allows it to be tough and flexible.
  • Available in a wide range of attractive customizable colors.
  • Superior optical clarity offered.
  • Hinge lock lens feature exists.
  • Available with multiple sizing options.
  • Ventilation benefits are huge with this mask system and maximum breathability guaranteed.
  • Can wear this mask along with most spectacles.

Tips for safe handling

  • Because of the cordon bleu features of the lens, you have to take extra care of it to prevent repair damages.
  • Go through the guide entirely to know how exactly to remove the lens. Although very easy, if not done correctly could cost you a fortune.
  • Doesn’t come with a visor so you may have to buy one.

Can it meet your expectations?

This mask at the time it entered the market was the most awaited product and it still is the favorite of all paint ball players because of its comfortable fit, nice design and rigid tough protection offered. You will definitely not be disappointed with this one purchase and it will easily last you a few seasons of paintballing fun.

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