Crosman Air Rifle Kit Review

The people out there who have dreamt of holding a macho looking sleek black gun and pretend to be a hunter or glaze your shooting skills in your arena then Crosman Air Rifle Pump man 760 which comes equipped with Pellet and BB guns both would be a dream purchase for you.

The beautiful gun comes along with a good quality safety goggle set, an instruction manual, a few drawn targets that will make you practice harder, 100 BBs and 100 Pellets both resting in a little container, also a sculp that is mountable on the top of the rifle, the rifle and also a kind of a magazine for loading the pellets into the rifle.


  • Its Lead Pellet Velocity is a whopping up to 615 fps or frames per second which is really good.
  • Its Alloy Pellet Velocity is an exorbitant speed of up to 645 fps or frames per second, again very commendable.
  • This beautiful gun weighs just about 75 lbs, which makes it considerably light in weight.
  • The barrel of this rifle is made of Steel that makes it durable and tough.
  • The Pellet Capacity of the rifle is about 5 Shot Clips every round which an expert would know is extremely good.
  • The front Sight of the rifle is strong good Blade, while the rear sight is an Elevation Adjustable.
  • There is a Cross-bolt along that adds up as a bonus safety feature.
  • Capable of doubling as a BB repeater as well as a Single Shot Pellet gun.
  • The front side blade is fixed while the rear side blade is movable and adjustable.
  • For better velocity control, the pump power can be varied, which is an amazing feature here. This is a heavy advantage here.
  • Offers an expectant velocity of about 700 frames per second which is a dream for novices.
  • The number of shots is limited and must be pumped for each shot henceforth.
  • There is no filling method and hence it is self-contained.
  • The Crosman Air Rifle weighs about 2 pounds thus making it usable for even novices or not too muscular people.
  • It comes with a Crosman 4 x 15 scope.

Construction and Design

It has been constructed as 5 x 2 x 24 inches in dimensions and weighing just 2 pounds. The hole near the handle has been designed in a way to hold as much as 250 BBs right there with 4.5 millimeter upon 0.177 caliber steel BBs. Right a bit away from it lie about 18 BBs forming sort of a cartridge in a cavity which stops the BBs from rolling back out of the cartridge. Near the trigger is an amazingly efficient safety button that works immensely well and is quick to respond. Loading and pumping action is easy too due to its sleek design and Variable Pump as power source. Comes with adjustable sides that enable you to hit higher above your specified target.

Pros and Performance Accuracy

  • The variable pump allows you to change your velocity of the flying pellet or BB which is always of a heavy advantage to the shooter.
  • Right next to the BB loading slot, is a line of about 18 BBs loaded inside a cavity forming a cartridge that prevents the BBs in the slot from falling back into the cartridge. Essential feature.
  • Flies effectively on to your target for about as far as 15 yards.
  • Since it has to be pumped for every shot, it allows you to adjust your settings and better aim anyhow.
  • Unlimited number of shots can be pumped into this rifle.
  • It can be used for target shooting, plinking, pest control, small game hunting and predator hitting. Since it can be used for all these purposes it is extremely valuable.
  • For the usages it can effectively function, the rifle’s cost is immensely worthy of it.
  • Comes along with an instruction manual that spells out a to z of a rifle, its parts, how to use it how to aim, etc.
  • The sleek and easy design that it comes with is a huge plus as it helps you easily choose a rifle to begin with.
  • It can be used for target shooting, plinking and pest control, small game hunting and predator hunting too. Although it best runs for the first three mentioned above.

Tips for safe Handling

  • Do not aim it even playfully at something you do not want to be destroyed.
  • Never aim for body parts at all.
  • Adult supervision is always required. Keep away from pets and children.
  • Always treat the gun as though it is loaded and ready to fire away.
  • Never reuse any ammunition at any cost.

Can it meet your expectations?

Since it is not difficult to pump at all and comes with such amazing features at such a stringent budget, you’ll have the time of your life with this air rifle. For a novice and first timers, this is your best bet. Experts may be looking out for something more than this.

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