Nerf Mega Thunder Bow Blaster Review

Enjoy the sophistication of this Nerf product by challenging you opponents to a thundering battle of bow and arrow. With its realistic pullback string mechanism and flexible arms, you would feel nothing less than a real archer, trying their hand on the battle field. Apart from the realistic experience, the Nerf products help you enter the field of technology from ancient warfare, through Mega Darts and the benefit of shooting five arrows in a row without reloading. Send your arrows up to 100 feet with a whistling noise by getting your hands on the Nerf Mega Thunder Bow Blaster today!


  • The Mega Thunder Bow blaster gives the realistic feeling of firing through a real bow; a Mega dart- making you the best archer in town.
  • The Thunder Bow Blaster can fire the darts up to 100 feet. This unprecedented distance can only be fulfilled through the quality promise of Nerf products.
  • The packaging includes 10 Mega Darts for ultimate fun.
  • Its unique mechanism lets you fires 5 Mega Darts in a row, one after the other, without wasting time reloading the darts so you can fully dominate your target.
  • Increase the excitement by hearing your Mega Darts whistle through the air.

Construction and Design

The Nerf Mega Thunder Bow Blaster has been constructed and designed to provide to children the realistic look of an actual bow and arrow. The pullback mechanism of the string makes the arms of the bow flex, releasing which provides the arrows with the thrust. This pullback mechanism has been designed to be ease of use, although very young children may need some assistance for the right amount of pressure before they become experts at it.

The Mega Darts are another great innovation by Nerf, the large size of these darts adds a different level of charm to the entire product. With the Nerf Crossbows, one can fire five Mega Darts in a row without reloading by fitting all of them in the five barrels. The whistling darts is another great feature of this product, giving the kids, and even adults something extra to look forward to as they release the string from its tension.

Pros and Performance Accuracy

  • The realistic bow and arrow mechanism is a hit among users. The flexible arms of the bow and the sturdy body make it super easy to continuously use the pull back string mechanism without the worry of the string snapping.
  • The Mega foam darts are their screaming ability is also commendable as this adds another charm to the product.
  • This means that you can hope to reach the street when firing from the front of your main house door!
  • The firing mechanism of shooting five darts in a row also works without any complications and is fairly easy to use.

Tips for Safe Handling

  • It is advisable for use with children eight years and above.
  • Avoid shooting directly on eyes and face or other sensitive areas of the body, especially from short range.

Can It Meet Your Expectations?

The Nerf Mega Thunder Bow Blaster is a quality product by Nerf, a toy brand that never seems to disappoint its customers. This product too fulfills all your expectations. The string mechanism is realistic and is for children as young as eight years old- although some may require assistance to build the right skills before they are firing the darts all over the house by themselves. The Mega Darts are a beautiful innovation, with the increase in size, increasing the excitement that follows. Finally, firing five shots in a row is something that would be an instant hit with the users, who no longer have to waste time reloading their arrows.

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