Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow Blaster Review

Bored of the typical blaster guns and playing the same old game every day? Here is a new way for kids to have all the fun and kill those zombies with this latest Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow Blaster.

This blaster features real bow action, giving a feel of an actual bow fire. It looks amazing, performs great and the high quality material ensures no breakage on rough and tough use. These features make this bow fire blaster perfect for kids looking for unconventional way of playing their game and kill the zombies trying to attack them and save their house from zombie attacks.


  • The blaster has a real cross bow action, which makes it no less than an actual bow fire.
  • It comes with 4 soft but strong and powerful zombie strike darts.
  • pull back string is attached for loading the darts.
  • The trigger space is spacious enough to fire the darts from the blaster.
  • The product also includes tri-strike crossbow water blaster
  • You can count on the performance of the blaster as it can fire at the speed of 100 feet per second. Great distance! Isn’t it?
  • With the distance, you can imagine the power with which the blaster fires, hence A+ for the shooting power too.
  • There is no need to load the blaster again and again with the darts. Just input the darts, pull the string and get going! Fire all the 4 darts back to back.

Construction and Design

  • The blaster is very handy and the size is just too good for the kids. It measures 2.5 X 16.5 X 12 inches in all.
  • The size makes the toy pretty portable and the children carry the gun on their vacations, as it will take a very little space to be their companion.
  • Also, the weight of the bow blaster is suitable for kids, it is not at all heavy to carry. It weighs around 1.6 pounds (724 grams approx.)
  • The design of the product is very attractive and it comes in very beautiful colors, which are sure to make you feel good while you are holding the blaster in your hands and get noticed immediately.
  • The products features a real cross bow on the front top.
  • It has a string, which is pretty strong and unbreakable.
  • A pulley is to be pulled back so as to load the bow blaster. Press the trigger after loading and there you go, fire the darts and kill the zombies!
  • The arms of the cross bow can be closed and opened as per the use.
  • There is a switch, which needs to be slided to open the cross bow and the arms simply close by pushing them inwards.

Pros and Performance Accuracy

  • The product is definite to draw attention of all your friends by its style and design, setting you to be the hero of the crowd.
  • The toy is very accurate in terms of targets. Set a target up to a distance of 100 feet, and watch your darts hitting the same with full power and exactness.
  • Get an additional advantage of water blaster, change your tactics of shooting, confuse the zombies and amaze your friends with the performance of your gun.
  • The good quality and durability is made sure by Hasbro, the very trusted and reliable toy brand. Hasbro is known for toy testing in terms of quality, durability and accuracy and delivers best of the products.
  • Do go through the instructions manual when you open the pack, so as to be a perfect shooter. This will make sure that you operate the blaster properly, do not miss on to the working and additional gigs the toy brings for you.

Tips for Safe Handling

  • The product is recommended to be used by children above 8 years of age.
  • The darts are made with soft foam, which are harmless, but it is not advised to target any living being as it may be painful if shot from a distance.
  • For additional safety, kids may wear goggles and helmet, which will also give a perfect fighter look!
  • You may want to buy some additional darts to keep the game going on, as the blaster comes with 4 darts.

Does It Meet Your Expectations?

The blaster is sure to meet the expectations of the kids who are the fans of walking dead. It gives you all that you need to be a zombie fighter. Four darts, easy loading, back to back fires, additional tri strike crossbow water blaster, amazing grip, cool looks, color and design, high power, great distance and accurate targets and a heroic image amongst your friends is all that you can expect from this Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow Blaster!

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