Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber Paintball Marker Review

One of the most trendy and accepted markers ever produced, it is the outcome of the hard work of Tippman. For all the professional workers, this acts as an add on to your escape from the day after day monotonous routine and this works to be an awesome escape, as it helps you in leading a life of a terminator, which you would have dreamt of someday. This ‘Tippmann A-5, 0.68 Caliber Paintball marker’ is an aluminum gun which you can modify, adapt and adjust according to your needs. It is very fun to learn with and it confirms to be good for both the beginners and pros. Also, it establishes to be very easy to handle, learn, maintain and use. The maintenance of cleanliness of this gun is also trouble free. This reliable and durable paintball gun, doesn’t require batteries to function, as it operates in the air.


  • Caliber of 0.68 inches
  • Barrel length of 8.5 inches
  • Total measurement lengthwise of 20 inches (including the stock barrel span)
  • Weight of 3.5 lbs (excluding that of tank)
  • Efficient range of around 150 feet
  • Firing action is semiautomatic
  • Trigger is standard
  • Activated magnetically
  • 200 ball capacity round hopper
  • Up to 8 bp/s firing rate
  • 15 bp/s feed rate, which can double itself, in case of cyclone upgrades.
  • Power is Compressed air, powdered nitrogen and CO2

Construction and Design

This Tippmann gun is very well comparable to the genuine world’s AK47 when we talk about its construction and design. It is an affordable, customizable, durable and upgradable marker. The feed mechanism which it uses is most popularly known by the name of ‘Cyclone Feed System’.  Even without battery usage, this system is capable of firing up to 15 balls every second.

The body is of lighter weight, but all its parts are rough and tough. So, it is competent of handling much abuse. The whole body design is covered with a tough black finish. Also, it would not take even full one minute to filed strip this marker without using tools. For helping the users in changing from safe mode to the firing mode, it consists of the external selector switches. It even has a longer front grip and the push pins that are very easily removable. For better durability, it provides for black gas line.

Pros and Performance Accuracy

  • The quality is so much high that it is indestructible and is henceforth durable and one can depend over it.
  • It gives a great performance and working, and can even work and run for longer epoches and durations, which may even extend up to several years, without being serviced or oiled.
  • It is not very difficult to maintain this paintball marker, it can be very easily maintained and adding on to this you can quickly disassemble it without using any kind of nuts, screws, bolts or tools.
  • You will observe it very rarely that it jams.
  • Out of all the guns which are available in the market, you can say this one to be an exception with the largely and mainly customizable guns, with a bulky quantity of improvements and customizations which are accessible to you on hand.
  • The very basic model of this gun can be promoted and upgraded to have a ‘Hall Effect trigger’, which is already offered to you in the E grip model, and in this model the trigger is magnetically operated.
  • For increasing the rate at which the marker can feed balls inside the chamber, it utilizes a special kind of paintball feed mechanism which is also known by the name of ‘Cyclone feed system’.
  • The overall credence of the gun is not much weighty and it even holds in it a stone honed stock barrel which helps in the reduction of noise.
  • The price at which it is offered is very minimal, in which you will get this type of gun. It is something like offering a great product at a very minimal price.

Tips for Safe Handling

  • Sometimes the cyclone feeds turns off while you are using the gun, so keep this in mind and use the gun with proper care.
  • For better targets try keeping your range of shoot somewhere around 100 feet.
  • Always store and transport your marker unloaded and uncharged.
  • While disassembling the paintball marker always leave no doubt about the reality that you have removed all the power sources.
  • Only shoot paintballs which are water soluble with it.

Can it Meet your Expectations?

Paintball is a sport which is placed by many people and their experience stands out to be super fun. At hand, there are an assortment of paint ball guns available, but for being successful in the amusement or competition, what is needed is that you choose the right equipment. So, after combining all the strengths of all the paintball guns around, it is found that this one is the excellent and finest gun and totally stands out of the crowd. It is recognized for its knack to be customized. You would not find a better gun than this, be it in whichever category, like looks, body, shape, sound, warranty and many others. So, just bang on with this very unswerving paintball gun.

Additionally, you can constantly adjust and customize the gun according to your desires and needs. Also, you won’t have the need to be concerned or troubled about battery life, as it works without the battery. Adding to the plus points of this, it comes with a warranty of two years, which lets you feel free for those years, and you would not have a need to spend any amount of extra money. Also, it won’t gully you and will be active as your companion for a long time as the gun is durable and long lasting.

So, what are you haunting for? Buy this best ever Paintball gun, enjoy and have pleasure.

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