Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun Review

Bored of the usual work life and looking for a quick escape away? How about we help you take a break from that corporate life of yours for a while and jump into the world of action and adventure. It’s time my friend to lead the life, the Die-Hard style.

Grab hold of this Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun and embark on a fun war with your friends and family. This gun which weighs as light as 3.7 pounds has all the look and feel of the war weapon and ensures that you get the true experience of a warrior. Easy to operate this paintball gun requires no previous experience and comes with a high degree of durability.


A great buy under $100 this paintball marker does impress you with amazing specifications inculcated within the body. Some common specs of this gun are:

  • Semi-Automatic Gun For Easy Use
  • Capable of 280-200 FPS as standard field limits
  • Mock silencer with sight
  • Easy to handle with the weight just being 4.2 pounds
  • .68 caliber
  • CO2 bottle
  • Internal gas line
  • Carry handle
  • Inline bolt system Metal stock body
  • Modification capabilities

Construction and Design

This paintball marker has specifically been designed keeping the military weapon design in mind. Molded handles make it easy to hold and operate. The design of the gun ensures there is minimum recoil and the players even if playing paintball for the first time are able to aim and shoot with ease without injuring themselves in any manner. This gun also comes in equipped with style rails which are used to add in accessories if any required.

A bit expensive than the standard edition this tactical variant also does offer the user a chance to modify the gun according to his environment and need. There is the collapsible stock to change the size of the gun which can be shifted to up to 6 levels for easy and adjustable handling. There is also an included barrel sleeve offering some storage capacity accompanied by the silencer which makes this paintball gun look even more sleek and lethal.

Pros and Performance Accuracy

As discussed before this gun is a definite buy for anyone who is new to this game and wishes to learn it. The tactical edition has the aiming made easy along with a firm rubber molded grip which offers easy handling. There are numerous advantages of buying this paintball gun a few of which are mentioned under:

  • The biggest advantage of this tactical edition gun as compared to the standard edition is that it offers easy customization and hence the user can get the best look for this gun as he desires. There are add-in rails included which can fit in a lot of accessories, a laser light, for example, might be a valuable addition.
  • The second advantage is an additional rubber grip which exclusively comes with this paintball marker offering you an extra grip and control on the gun as you use it to shoot the members of another team.
  • One can use this paintball marker in tight spots as it comes with a collapsible stock which does ensure that you are able to move quickly in narrow areas as well.
  • The gun is very easy to assemble and operate, therefore once received, take out 5 minutes to read the instructions in manual and get the gun working in no time.
  • It also doesn’t chop the paintballs while shooting which ensures that no balls or paint are stuck within the marker and thereby jamming the same.

Tips for Safe Handling

  • While using the gun ensure that the oil you put in is the one Tippmann recommends. Don’t apply local oil for use as this can damage the O-rings in your marker.
  • Make sure to clean the barrels as well as outside of gun.
  • Never shoot someone at a too close distance as the same may seriously injure them.

Can it meet your expectations?

This marker ensures that the beginners get the most out of their first paintball experience. The grips offered are amazing and so is the customizable feature that comes with this. Moreover, the mock silencer gives it a lethal look to the structure. The design has kept as close to the original gun outlook.

So if you are planning on indulging in some serious battles and or are finally prepared to leave your office cubicle and enter the world of war, get hold of this Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun.

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