U.S. Army Project Salvo .68 Caliber Paintball Review

So, do you wish to be a part of warfare? Do you wish to experience how the life in the battlefield feels like? Now no longer stare at the television thinking how cool Jason Statham looks with those funky guns. Get yourself your own U.S. Army Project Salvo .68 Caliber Paintball from Tippmann and indulge into a thrilling game of paintball.

Designed to look in every way like a traditional army gun, this .68 caliber gun will leave your opponents scared with its sleek design as well as lethal looks. A pretty good deal for the cost it bears this paintball gun is designed to amplify your sporting experience while giving you a glimpse of how complicated yet thrilling life at war is.

Licensed as well designed according to the traditional U.S. Army weapon, this gun contains numerous features some of which include:

  • 11-inch quick-thread anodized barrel
  • Removable/adjustable front sight
  • Front sling mount
  • AR-15-style shroud with four built-in Picatinny rails
  • Quick release feeder elbow
  • Durable, all-aluminum die-cast receiver
  • AR-15-style magazine with built-in tool storage
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel braided gas line
  • Under 3-pound trigger pull for smooth, steady shots
  • Removable/adjustable rear sight
  • AR-15-style, six-position collapsible and folding stock that adjusts to your game

Construction and Design

The gun has been designed using an 11’’ barrel gun which does contain ports and hence do offer a greater accuracy to the people who use it. The receiver which is made completely out of aluminum does offer it a sleek finish although to some extent adds some extra weight. This heavy-duty paintball gun manufactured by Tippmann does provide you with .68 caliber width and thereby can easily accommodate with almost every type of paintball, and hence offers versatility.

There are additional rails provided in the front so that if you wish to upgrade, you can do so with ease. With a rate of 8 bps this weapon sure has the ability to stun your opponent in no time and thereby offering you an easy win.

Working on the blowback shooting style this gun operates on C02, nitrogen and or compressed gas.

Pros and Performance Accuracy

This paintball gun designed exactly as per the US Army design standards, does look stunning with its 11-inch barrel and foldable stock.

  • The best advantage of this gun is its design, which follows the US Army style. This weapon thereby gives you the true feel of being a warrior who is defending his tower in the battle zone.
  • This gun comes with a ported barrel which does allow gas to exit once the shot is fired and therefore will offer you a greater aim accuracy than other models of similar range.
  • The foldable stock with levels of adjustments allows you to easily move within the tight spaces holding the gun and handling the same with utmost ease.
  • There are plenty of options available for upgrade. Also, added rails included where you can fit in the flashlight, tripods and other accessories. There are various grips available for addition if you need them in any case.
  • Some people say aluminum adds in the weight however once you add the paintballs and the stock rests on your shoulder all you can have is a comfortable feel accompanied by great shooting experiences.

Tips for Safe Handling

  • Do not try to open this gun while in the field or in a hurry, take your time, and the gun will be disassembled in no time.
  • There were some reported issues with the hopper of this gun as people feel that the gravity fed hopper is causing shaking while However, the issues can be resolved by using the cyclone hopper.
  • Do not hit anyone too close to this gun as the same might cause serious injuries to them.

Can it meet your expectations?

If you are looking for some paintball gun with heavy duty use, then this gun is definitely what you should go for. Based on the original US Army gun design it offers you a true feel of a warrior and holding this in your hand will give you the confidence to defeat any opponents you face. This gun is a bit heavy thanks to the aluminum design. However, the same doesn’t pose much of a problem once you get habitual to it.

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