TIPPMANN Cronus Paintball Marker Gun

Paintball is a ruthless sport and is expeditiously transpiring as an epidemic amusement. The sport was configured in the 1980’s where the participating players are entailed to annihilate their herculean antagonists by pummeling them with stain-charged, frangible and clotted paintballs, usually cuffed from a carbon dioxide or scrunched air mechanized paintball marker.

Paintball markers are one of the significant fundamental equipment and are mass produced by one of the prestigious companies called Tippmann. It was entrenched by Fort Wayne in the early 1980’s in Indiana. Tippmann’s Cronus was emancipated on December in the year of 2013 and is a phenomenal paintball gun, specially designed to stand out amongst other homogenous products. It offers magnificent precision at an implausibly reasonable price. Thus, knock off your quotidian routine and indulge in some warrior kind of resonance.


  • It is quite light in weight and weighs around just 3.7 pounds.
  • It also possesses a .68 Caliber.
  • Colossally Boasts of Carbon Dioxide & High-Pressure Air Capability.
  • Mechanical Trigger.
  • It also has a stock barrel of 9 Inch.
  • Black & Sand Coloured Finish Body For an immense tactical exterior.
  • Gravity Feed for Paintballs.
  • Also, has a highly Durable Aluminum Body.
  • A rapid Shooting Mechanism.
  • An accurate Target Up to 150 feet.
  • A semi-automatic (Firing of 8 balls /second)
  • It is also Easy to open up & clean.
  • Ported Barrel for Quieter and silenced Shots.
  • Collapsible Stock.
  • An Internal Gas Line.
  • A front and Rear Fixed Sights with a vertical grip.
  • Multiple Picatinny Rails to ascend a mélange of accessories.
  • Customization Opportunities.

Construction and Design

Tippmann’s Cronus Paintball Marker Gun is a fleecy weighted marker and is assembled out of inflated quality aluminum. It has a lustrous outlook of a milsim fashioned anatomy and provides an affluent appearance. Therefore, it is also an ideal marker gun for the beginners for all the right reasons.

Pros and Performance Accuracy

  • The high-end finish of the refined aluminum body renders it a debonair panorama. Even if you are an amateur player in the alliance, the aesthetics of the Cronus can effortlessly deceive the antagonists.
  • The apparent diaphanous nature of the Cronus allows the players to carry it around for extended hours without fatiguing away. The sculpted rubber clenches serve golden chances for the players to ensure a tactical grip of the gun during the ongoing matches.
  • The sky-high durability minimizes the chances of the fractures and vandalization. As a result, it requires little or, no alimentation and eventually lasts longer.
  • It ensures marvelously meticulous shots and does not chop off the paint balls.
  • The Tippmann’s Paintball Marker Gun shoots briskly and results into far more appreciable scopes of defeating your rivals.
  • The jarring sound usually noticed in other guns is missing here and will succor you to revamp your concentration level.
  • The internal gas line plushly revitalizes the comfort and makes the gun uncomplicated to traverse around during the nail biting moments.
  • The abatements and ameliorations render an idiosyncratic likelihood to metamorphose the marker into almost any kind of gun based on your desires.
  • An extra set of tool kit of oil, lubricant and Allen keys aids to anchor and unfasten accessories and backup o-rings for the markers.

Tips for Safe Handling

  • You need to look after the stock barrel for hard core authenticity. In order to retain exactness, one needs to permutate the barrel every now and then.
  • It also storms off multifarious shots at one single go. Therefore, you have got to be prudent as Tippmann’s marker gun doesn’t blow off a solo shot.

Can it Meet your Expectations?

This is a terrific tool coupled with user affable features. Also, Cronus is a hand down recommendation without any suspicion. Anyone who is looking for high-quality solid marker will surely not be disgruntled with this big dude.It is light weight, reliable, durable, has tactical features and a sleek design. The gun also has the huge potential to turn your paintball dream into a futuristic reality. It has loads of pros and limited cons and is truly a mechanical charm.

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