Tippmann TiPX Paintball Pistol Marker Gun Review

Are you looking for a strong, compact and powerful paintball marker that also doubles up as a sidearm? Say no more! The Tippmann TiPX paintball pistol marker gun is a dependable and lightweight marker that is as powerful as it could get and serves as an excellent sidearm in the paintball battles.

The Tippmann TiPX paintball pistol marker gun is 0.68 caliber marker gun that boasts of a smooth and compact design that also remains lightweight and really easy to maintain and clean. Its best quality is its sturdy build and dependability in the long run. It features a 12-gram air system with a metal trigger that punctures the COon the first pull and is really easy to load again and again. This pistol brings true military style paintball pistol features in a smooth and compact design that also remains lightweight. The design is extremely innovative and efficient. It has many customizable features like external velocity adjuster and comes with a stylish carrying case.


  • lightweight pistol standing at only 2 pounds. Makes it really easy to handle and maneuver the gun during combat.
  • Comes with 2 Tru-Feed stack magazines that have springs with a low-tension system.
  • It has a 12-gram air system that comes with a metal trigger that punctures the COon the first pull.
  • It is of 0.68 caliber and comes with a external velocity adjuster and a feed rate of 8bps.
  • The newly designed spool valve system works to minimize kicks and increases the air efficiency.
  • The design is really compact and efficient and packs all the features at the right places.

Construction and design

The design of this pistol is its main selling point as it packs a lot of punch in a compact and smooth design. It delivers powerful performance and is quite sturdy when it comes to its handling during the combat. The grips are nice and the trigger is made up of metal. There’s also an ammo window for better control and functioning. The magazine too comes with many new features like the self-locking ability and a new and efficient spring system. Overall, Tippmann has got the ergonomics right with this marker and they tried to make the pistol as efficient as they could while maintaining a compact and lightweight design.

Pros and Performance accuracy

  • And here comes the best part about this gun! Apart from being a powerful paintball marker, it also doubles up as a non-lethal self-defense weapon that can shoot pepper balls or tear gas rounds and works efficiently with these things.
  • It has a compact and lightweight design and so it is really easy to carry, hold and maneuver this gun during combat.
  • Comes with a lot of customizable features and it actually gives you a good control over the working and performance of this gun during battles.
  • It is extremely accurate in the field and offers a good range.
  • The fire rate and mobility of this pistol is excellent and really dominates in the close quarter combats.

Tips for safe handling

  • It is advisable to keep track of the gas cartridge when running on gas so that the pistol doesn’t stops firing in between.
  • The manual contains the complete schematic diagram of the gun and also contains detailed instructions to assemble and use the gun correctly. Please read the manual carefully and follow the instructions to avoid any issues or problems with the gun. The manual helps a lot in case any problems arise in the marker.
  • The standard clips tend to get empty fast in a combat scene so always remember to carry extra magazines with you to avoid that situation.
  • The users may find some bolt binding issues when attaching external parts or excessive greasing. You can refer to the user manual for a fix.

Can it meet your expectations?

The Tippmann TiPX will not only meet your expectations; It will exceed it by leaps and bounds. It is an excellent choice for a sturdy and powerful sidearm and it also doubles up as a non-lethal self-defense weapon that works with pepper balls and tear gas units too. The main attraction of this marker is its smooth and compact design and a superior build quality that makes this gun a truly dependable marker in the field. It offers a lot of customizable features that let the user to have better control and stability during combat. Its unique design makes it really easy to clean and maintain this marker in the long run and it delivers considerable power despite its small and lightweight body with minimum kicks. You should definitely go for it if you are looking for a compact and powerful sidearm.

It comes with a assembling kit and 2 magazines in the package. It provides military style pistol features at this price point and its overall efficient performance and durability add to its value for the money that it costs. It is probably one of the best sidearm available in the market and it will be a fine addition to the collection of all serious paintball enthusiasts out there.

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