UTG AccuShot Competition Shadow Ops Sniper Rifle Review

If you had always been looking for something to keep you busy with on Saturdays, or for you to pretend like a forest hunter hunting down wild boars or simply glazing your shooting skills in your area then UTG Accushot Competition Shadow Ops Sniper Rifle has arrived to give you sleepless nights and adrenaline pumped days.

This source of joy and excitement with a single precision metal keg and an adaptable system for hopping up that also provides a top power meticulously precise accuracy performance for efficient long-range shootings. The UTG Accushot Competition Shadow Ops Sniper Rifle which has been outfitted along with a finished Picatinny ascending rail system.This ultimate bolt action airsoft spring rifle includes spare magazines & spring enabled super rush loader for maximizing your efficiency. A sling that serves the purposes of retaining the tactics of a sniper rifle, is also another add on to this which you take away to your home.


  • There’s a single precision metal keg that exists in this rifle.
  • The hop up the organization of this sniper is easily adjustable.
  • Complete Picatinny ascending rail system.
  • An extremely high-powered machine helps generate pin-pointed accurate performances.
  • The FPS that it offers is 430-460 w upon .20 gram BBs.
  • It is extremely quick, pollution free, frugal and easy to maintain.
  • Spring Airsoft Guns are the most gangster of all Airsoft Guns, as they have been assembled with rare breakable pieces.

Pros and Performance Accuracy

  • Spring power rifle in use and not gas which is extremely beneficial to the shooter. It also doesn’t require batteries thus saving a lot of money and energy.
  • Completely furnished out of metal hence very reliable and durable for a long long time afterward.
  • Shoots between the range of 400 to 550 frames per second thus enticing shooters with its crazy beneficial velocity.
  • Available in a really cool military green shade that will make you fall in awe with the gun at the first sight itself. It looks really cool for a sniper gun.
  • Shadow Ops Airsoft Gun out of the box has 420fps velocity with 0.25g BB and its normal effective range is around 160ft-180ft which is a superb range for the given price you pay.
  • Replacement parts readily available for this model and this is highly beneficial for the shooters who get habituated with this awesome rifle.
  • Comes along with a Tactical Sniper Rifle Sling that makes it even more convenient to use and transport.
  • This Ultimate Bolt Action Airsoft Spring Rifle in fact also includes Spare Magazines & Spring Powered Deluxe Speed Loader that is a dream come true for experts in this field.
  • A finished Picatinny railing mechanism that mounts and a UTG Deluxe Picatinny bipod, a Tri-Rail Bipod Adaptor comes along with the rifle.
  • This is profitable to a huge extent also because this gun is upgradable with years.

Tips for Safety and Handling

  • Always treat the airsoft gun with the same respect and safety precaution as you would deal with a firearm.
  • It too comes with a safety orange tip. Do not try to remove that as it is for safety and will void you off warranty.
  • Always compulsorily wear protection clear tinted goggles while operating the sniper rifle.
  • Only use 0.24 caliber and 6 millimeters plastic BBs. We recommend Neon Fire Premium Precision Ground 6 mm BB pellets.
  • Low-quality BB or Pellets will definitely clog and eventually damage the rifle hence they have to be avoided at all costs.
  • Never ever reuse ammunition once used.
  • Never try to alter or modify an airsoft weapon using your own tools or techniques. It may result in a hazardous outcome.
  • Never store the airsoft gun in loaded form.
  • Security and stability of the gun’s location are of extreme importance.
  • Never ever make the mistake of looking into the barrel with naked bare eyes.
  • Do not point the gun even playfully at a person’s side.
  • Because of same above-mentioned reason, never shoot at a water surface.
  • Never brandish the gun in public or crowded areas.

Can it meet your expectations?

For the price it is selling itself for, the Airsoft Sniper rifle gun is an extremely good purchase that is bound to make you look back for years altogether in future, and beam with pride. Since it is upgradable too, you can easily get off the features you think get obsolete with time.

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