Top 7 Laser Tag Guns to Fire up all your Games

Laser guns are perfect for indulging in some outdoor play, without worrying about cleaning up the surroundings in the aftermath. There are no darts or bullets required, a stream of light through a sensor is enough to “kill” your opponent.

Here are the top 7 laser tag guns which deliver the maximum performance:

1. Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-Pack

Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger comes in a pack of two. The light sensors when fired, are accompanied with a multitude of lights and sounds. With cool designs, durability and high accuracy, this set of laser guns are a great steal.

2. Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set and Carrying Case for Kids Multiplayer 4 Pack

Dynasty Toys bring you a multiplayer laser tag set, that will quadruple your fun. It will be perfect for your kid’s birthday parties or any gathering filled with children. The best part is that you won’t need a laser tag vest as the blaster itself serves as a target.

3. Laser X 88016 Two Player Laser Gaming Set

Laser X 88016 comes in a set of two and is perfect for all long-lasting laser tag wars. It comes with a voice coaching system, which will guide you through all your battles. The photons can travel up to a distance of 200 feet.

4. LAZERTAG Multiplayer Battle System

LAZERTAG Multiplayer Battle System comes in a set of two and is manufactured by one of the leading toy companies, Hasbro. They come with two shot blast attachments, one video game module and two pinpoint sight targeting systems.

5. Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag: Game Mega Pack – Set of 4 – Infrared Laser Gun Indoor and Outdoor Group Activity Fun. Infrared 0.9mW

Kidzlane’s Infrared Laser Tag comes in a set of four and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities. You can get the maximum from these set of guns in many ways. Its settings can be changed into four firing modes- rocket, shotgun, pistol and submachine.

6. Boys Star Wars Birthday Party Set with StormTrooper Backpack Plus Boys Toys Laser Tag Blasters – 2 Pack

Boys Toys Laser Tag Blasters are inspired from Star Wars and therefore come with a stormtrooper backpack. This addition will make it easier for you to carry all your laser tags. The lasers can travel up to a distance of 120 feet.

7. Wowwee Light Strike Assault Striker with Simple Target – Orange

Wowwee Light Strike Assault Striker is an individual laser tag, that can be used as a target practice or can also be used for laser tag fights by buying more units. It is made of good quality plastic, that increases the product’s durability. Another attractive feature of this product is its unique designs.

What is Laser Tag?

In lay man terms, Laser Tag is basically an advanced version of the god-old tag game. It is played by using laser tag guns, which fire infrared beams. These beams need to hit the target your opponent will be carrying or wearing.

These infrared sensitive targets (in most cases a laser tag vests), when hit, will ‘stun’ the person for about 10 seconds. When the person is ‘stunned’, he or she can’t use their laser tag guns and in many cases their vest will emit a sound or light, denoting their predicament.

The game end is determined by the type of laser tag you are playing. In most cases, it is when you have stunned your partner the maximum amount of times.

Contrary to their name, laser tag guns which are used for play do not emit any lasers but a strong beam of light.

 How Did It All Begin?

We can all thank Star Wars for the invention of laser tag guns. The earliest and simplest prototype of laser guns were showed in a populist setting in 1979, through the manufacture of Star Trek Electronic Phaser Guns set. Later in 1882, the inventor of the first commercialized version of laser tag, George Carter III begin developed Photon, the first laser tag game after being inspired by Star Wars.

Types of Laser Tag Games

The basic type of laser tag play is to deactivate your opponent player by shooting at the targets but with the mass commercialization of laser tag, many different types of laser tag play have been introduced. Some of them are:

1. Character Based Game

Here every player on each team uses a different setting on his laser gun and has a predefined role.

2. Protect the VIP

One team has to protect a VIP player for as long as possible, while the opposing team needs to take that VIP player down in the given time frame to win the game.

3. Elimination Matches

The most common laser tag game, here players have to laser tag their opponents for a set number of times to eliminate them.

4. Base-centric Matches

One of the most popular type of play in many arenas, teams need to protect their base while trying to capture their opponent’s base through continuous attacking.

Tips for Beginners

If you are just starting out and want the best experience from your first laser tag game, here are the key points to note:

  • What to wear?

Your target vests and headbands are the most important attire additions for all laser tag plays. Apart these two, it is recommended to wear dark coloured clothes for better camouflage.

  • Defend yourself

The best defensive strategy is to move sideways whenever you are in someone’s target zone. Apart from that, it is always better to observe the basic layout of your playing arena, so that you can strategize.

  • Attack your Opponent

Attack your opponent’s target continuously, rather than taking a single shot. Try to move sideways as you are firing to avoid getting hit.

Laser Tags v/s Paintball v/s Airsoft


Comparison Point Laser Tag Paintball Airsoft
Ammunition None Required. Infrared light fired in place of any ammo Paintballs used as ammo, which burst in a specific colour on impact. BBs made of plastic used as ammo.
Preparation Laser tags guns do not require any preparation before every game. Paintball markers need to be prepped for a number of times before and during play. Airsoft guns need to be checked, loaded continuously during play.
Cost You do not need to spend much for playing as the equipments used here are cheaper. A considerable amount of money is spent on paintball markers and paintballs The combined cost of all the equipments used here will are cheaper than Paintball.
Maintenance Do not require much maintenance. Require a lot of time and effort to keep markers and paintballs in a good condition. Require less maintenance as compared to paintballs.
Safety The safest play of all three and even 12 year olds can play this game Generally played by 16yrs and above. Safer than Airsoft but paintballs fired at a very close distance can still hurt. Many laws only allow 18yrs and above to play. Safety rules need to be strictly followed for a safe play.

Laser tag is for everyone, regardless of your age. It is also a fun filled game which requires minimal preparation and effort. You don’t need to be an expert to enjoy your first game and the experience level really does not matter here.

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